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Taste the pleasure!


"wood-fired cooking"  - The focus is on our wood-fired grill ovens. These types of "cooking appliances" (in the broadest sense) are exclusive and exceptional in the way we offer them. The MERKLINGER is unquestionably regarded to by us as the "original wood stove & grill". To date, there is no generic term for this type of "cooking appliances". We summarize these ovens / grills as "wood-fired".

Spices - Our spices are the basics that can be used for cooking over fire.

Culinary specialties  - tasty dishes as own creations, exclusively selected or produced by us: The passion for enjoyment is always the focus in our choice of products.

Deco and accessories -  since "passion for enjoyment" is always accompanied by honesty and aesthetics, we are constantly expanding our little world around the enjoyment.

"Spend your dear time with pleasant passion and simple happiness!"
(This was already known in the 17th century!)

The "wood-fired" wood-burning ovens and grills enable an honest enjoyment that only nature can offer


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